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2016 Keynote Speakers

Innovation and Understanding from IFVP 2016 Conference Keynotes

The IFVP conference provides a unique opportunity to gather with colleagues to learn about and discuss big issues shaping our field. At this year’s conference, you’ll hear from Lisa Kay Solomon, Scott McCloud and Brandy Agerbeck, keynote speakers who will bring inspiring ideas to help you keep your visual practice fresh, current and rewarding.

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Lisa Kay Solomon

Scott McCloud Brandy Agerbeck

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Lisa Kay Solomon

Lisa Kay Solomon is an innovation strategist, an educator and best-selling author. Her work in design-driven strategy and leadership enables people and organizations to come up with creative solutions for complex problems. She’s helped teams envision new opportunities, define disruptive growth strategies, set global innovation strategy and find other novel approaches to key challenges. Her clients include Autodesk, PBS, Audi, Citrix, Herman Miller, Citi Bank and the David and Lucile Packard foundation.

Solomon teaches in the MBA in Design Strategy program at California College of the Arts, at the Stanford and in the Kauffmann Fellows Program
for Venture Capitalists. She shares her expertise in innovation theory, discovery-driven frameworks, collaborative team building and more.

Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Changedelivers Solomon’s insight on turning ho-hum meetings and conversations to productivity powerhouses that get results. Daniel Pink lauded the book’s ability to help readers “energize a team’s ability to solve real problems and create new visions.”


Scott McCloud

Renowned cartoonist and comic book artist Scott McCloud will be sharing his profound understanding of visual language - both pictorial and typographic - and its over all impact, individually and culturally McCloud is not only an award-winning comic artist but also a highly regarded author and presenter on visual communications.  

He is best known for his book Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtThough written in 1994, the book continues to draw enthusiastic response for its relevance to creativity and design generally as well as applications to iconography, writing, website design, user experience design, photography and more. Notes one recent Amazon review, “This book is STILL a must-read for anyone and everyone interested in art, empathy, visual media of any kind, storytelling, reading, and communication.”

McCloud has given talks and consulted on comics and visual communications for Google, MIT, Pixar, Bloomberg, DARPA, Stanford University, the Smithsonian Institution and many other leading organizations.

Join your colleagues from around the world in the DC area this summer to hear these exciting speakers and talk about implications for your visual practice.



Brandy Agerbeck

With candor and humor, Brandy Agerbeck will share her perspectives on the rich, fertile field of visual practice. Celebrating twenty years of writing on walls (at least the years she’s gotten paid for it), she’ll talk about her own growth and invites you to find your place in the Life Cycle of the Visual Practitioner. Brandy encourages us to take the long view, both for our own individual health, vitality and sustainability and for the field as a whole. She will draw out a model on how to cultivate and strengthen our work as solopreneurs and as a growing community.

Brandy Agerbeck writes, speaks and teaches on the power of drawing as your best thinking tool. Based on her career as the one person in the room drawing for the group, she wrote The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide: How to use your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning. She follows this much-loved volume with a book for every visual thinker, The idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking in your own hands Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls it, “A new alphabet for the visual age.” Learn more at


Take a look at the Keynote and Plenary Session Schedule!