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Curious Hiker

It was at the IAF Asia Conference Korea (International Association of Facilitator), on 20th Aug 2017.

The topic of the initial workshop was: "The 9 Stage non-linear journey to becoming an excellent facilitator."

I started to draw a bullet-point list and suddenly had an idea, "Why not draw the long journey as a hiker climbing a mountain?"

I decided to draw one large picture based on the mountain hiker theme. This is the one I love most during my visual recording career.


Do not always trust Google!

Our team was visual recording at a conference regarding biotechnology in Thailand.
Preparations were rushed, but we were able to Google image search all the speakers’ names and drew all their portraits in time. During the conference, we noticed a female speaker whom we hadn't drawn a portrait for. We double-checked our portraits and realized that based on the Google search result, we had mistaken her for a man - it was the wrong person! 

BOD IFVP October 2019 Testimonial.

Since my first official visual recorded in TEDx Chiang Mai 2013 Thailand, a few years later i found out IFVP. Therefore i applied for IFVP BOD in order of learning of what i don't know and contribute of what i am good at. I learnt many thing from Jenny Trautman (Former IFVP President) of how to lead and organize the visual meeting.

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