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6th IAF conference Delhi

On Nov 15-16 participated in conference and volunteered to do graphic facilitation. Created individual name badge with visual matching to person's profile. Created visuals for table names, graphic wall for feedback. Did digital graphic recording and visual summary of sessions attended.




Digital Graphic Experience...a way forward.

Pictured  is one of 1st few digital GR I did at #MaxCancerCongress New Delhi. As it was home event, onus was on me to introduce this technique where it is still in seeding stage. Setup was simple, a large side screen in auditorium, an Apple TV and projector connected thru HDMI cable. An iPad mirrored to Apple TV, setup was ready.

Experience for participants and me, both was overwhelming. 

Pictured GR shows artist Prashant (a medical oncologist), songs he sang, mood and other performers on stage. GR by self, a medical physicist.

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