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 Harvest Festival Draws Out
All of us at IFVP want to send a great big "thanks" to Paula Hansen, Pat Jocius, Emily Shepard, David Sibbet, Karen Stratvert, and Christine Valenza the core conference team for such a tremendous event. As a tribute to the inspiration and passion created the Harvest Festival, we have posted a few Web pages for you relive the event or see it for the first time.

We look forward to sharing, visualizing, and being with everyone again next year at the 2003 Visual Practitioner Conference.

International Forum of Visual Practitioners Founded
Greg Gollaher announced that his hard work had paid off and that the IFVP had received its formal 501c3 status, now being recognized as a formal not-for-profit organization. Following the 2002 Harvest Festival Conference participants were invited to participate in the creation of the IFVP's newly formed Board.

An inspired discussion and vote resulted in the following conference participants being voted in as your founding Board:
Greg Gollaher/President
Gollaher Consulting Group. Graphic Recording, Facilitation and Strategic Planning. Elk Grove, California

Lynn Carruthers/Secretary
Graphic recorder and visual tools designer for Global Business Network, a think tank in Emeryville California.

Karen Stratvert/Treasurer

Lynn Kearny
Human Performance Management

Sean Griffin
Visual Thinker, Entrepreneur and Thought Partner. Zena, Oklahoma

Leslie Salmon- Zhu

Susan Kelly

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Board creation process, and look forward to supporting the IFVP to promote the World of the Visual Practitioner while meeting the needs and demands of our rapidly changing times.

First Board Meeting Moves IFVP Forward
On November 25th the IFVP Board held its first full day meeting at Global Business Network. All Members were present. The Board has formalized the organization's bylaws and focused its energy on creating a organizational foundation that will add meaningful and dynamic value to its Members.

The Board brainstormed potential services the IFVP could provide to Members and also revisited "Who is our target audience?" as a way to expand our potential network of Creative Leaders, and better understand areas to focus the Board's attention.

Other major outcomes generated at the first Board meeting included the creation of a questionnaire as a way for the Board to better understand the needs and wants of the IFVP's potential Members so they may be better served. In addition, Sean Griffin was selected as the new Web site Chair and will be coordinating with Brandy Agerbeck and Rob Benn to expand the development of a short and long term IFVP Web strategy.

We will continue to keep you posted as the IFVP Board moves our organization forward.

 IFVP Web Site Focus of Web Team
Your new and improved IFVP Web Team is made up of Brandy Agerbeck, Rob Benn, and Sean Griffin. They are working hard to evolve the current site into a dynamic and valuable tool for the world of the Visual Practitioner. Make sure to fill out your IFVP questionnaire so we can get a sense of your needs and wants. In the following months, on a select basis, we will be adding new services and opportunities for the Visual Practitioner Community.

We look forward to driving the continued evolution of the IFVP Web site as our organization grows.

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