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Your Board

The IFVP Board is working on a formal strategy to carry our profession to the next level. In the meantime we have broad areas of focus for the coming year: Providing Value to Members, Growing our Profession, Building our Membership. The beautiful thing is, when we do one well, the others benefit: a virtuous spiral that will eventually result in more clients, more lucrative practices, and greater quality of life for
individual IFVP members.

As a Board, we are committed to all of these, and we have each accepted responsibility for building and sustaining momentum in a particular area, the honored role of “nudge”:

Robert Benn, President
Stephanie Crowley, Treasurer
Julie Gieseke : Membership Director
Martha McGinnis: Ex Officio

Thank-you to our past Board Members

Mary Stall, Martha McGinnis, Michelle Boos-Stone, Bill Bancroft, and Brandy Agerbeck.


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