Keynote speakers and presenters

Here's a little bit about our keynote speakers:
Mk Haley
— a warm, kind, funny, curious, creative person who plays at the intersection of creativity, technology, education, and game design. She is associate executive producer at Carnegie Mellon's world famous Entertainment Technology Center. You are gonna love her.
Mike Rohde — again, super nice, ridiculously talented visual practitioner (though he might have never have heard of the term "visual practitioner" he has catalyzed a global movement of sketchnoters).
Nahum Gershon — a fascinating, engaging, brilliant guy. Nahum has had quite the journey, from being a chemist in Israel he got interested in visualization (visualizing molecules, cells and such), pursued this interest as a scientist at MITRE (a not-for-profit organization) and started getting interested in the power and value of storytellling for big organizations. In this context, he has done things like having created a mural for the US government which traces the history of technology. Nahum is fascinated with social media, and is the community organizer/manager/catalyst of a MITRE big & vibrant online community.
Chris Schunn — Senior Scientist and professor of cognitive psychology at the Learning Research and Development Center which is part of the University of Pittsburgh. He knows a ton about the science behind visual thinking and design thinking and will provide some insights on the importance of visual communication in the business world.
Babs Carryer — Babs is one of the major nodes of innovation in the Pittsburgh region as the embedded entrepreneur at Project Olympus, Carnegie Mellon's initiative to turn student and faculty intellectual property into successful companies. Did I mention that CMU has the top ranked computer science program in the USA, which is to say the world? Babs rocks and is one of the most connected people out there, so we couldn't ask for anyone better to lead a panel discussion on the business case for employing visual practitioners.


Mike Rohde is a designer and sketchnote artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a visual, User Interface, and experience designer at Gomoll Research + Design, and runs Rohdesign Studios, a small design, sketchnote and illustration firm serving clients worldwide.

Mike is the illustrator of REWORK, the best-selling business book from 37signals and The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. He is the founder and lead curator of Sketchnote Army, a showcase for sketchnotes and sketchnoters from around the world. Mike will also give a workshop on using hand drawn typography in sketchnotes at the conference.

Mk Haley is Associate Executive Producer of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University. The ETC is an applied research center based in the School of Computer Science whose mission is to provide leadership in education and research that combines technology and fine arts to create new processes, tools, and vision for storytelling and entertainment. She has experience across design, digital media and experience design, having performed research with Walt Disney Imagineering, the Disney-ABC Television group for more than 15 years, and as faculty at several university programs for the past twenty years.

Mk seeks to merge technology and design, and education and industry in new and engaging ways, including as a contributing author to several books on the creative process published by Walt Disney Imagineering. With ongoing roles at the Disney Research labs at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, and SIGGRAPH, the association for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, primarily in Emerging Technologies demonstrations and displays, Mk serves industry, academia, research, and the community, all together for the best possible collaborations across disciplines and genres.


Christian Schunn is a of Professor of Psychology, Intelligent Systems, and Learning Sciences and Policy at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Senior Scientist at the Learning Research and Development Center. He received his PhD in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon in 1995. His basic research involves cognitive / social psychology studies of science and engineering problem solving and creativity. His educational research and design work focuses on K-12 urban education in writing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, both in isolation and in various combinations.


Nahum Gershon is a member of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society AdCom and a Senior Principal Scientist at the MITRE Corporation. He focuses on social media and real-time information delivery in mobile devices including how they relate to augmenting work environments and personal capabilities.

Nahum develops new ways and strategies to strengthen the traditional aspects of consumer electronics and to broaden the impact and appeal of the field of consumer electronics to new groups of professionals and users. This emphasizes various aspects including those of new devices, networks, information delivery (any information, anywhere, any time), social computing, and human-device interaction.

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