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VPC Conference 2003

Some useful forms for joining us:

IVPF Membership Form
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2003 Conference Registration Form
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Marconi Center Guest Guide
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Get ready to participate in the annual International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) conference to be held October 10-12 at the famous Marconi Center in Bodega Bay (approximately an hours drive north of San Francisco). The conference commences at 11:30am on Friday the 10th, and will conclude at 2pm on Sunday the 12th. We will gather to share our common experiences and to display our personal best in the field of graphic information … whilst learning and practicing along the way! Read on!

What to expect …

The conference is an interactive experience where practioners from across the world will gather to share experiences, contribute to the event, and share personal bests. The conference formally kicks off at 11:30am on Friday, October 10, with both registration and lunch being available at this time. The conference ends at 2pm on Sunday, October 12. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Friday, October 10
We will explore ways of growing our community through our work, our structure and our resources. Together we will start the creation of a graphic mural that will develop and grow over the course of the three days. We will take a look at some very diverse graphic styles, and have a chance to observe and engage in some real time recording by talented professionals of our community. Newcomers (or “Newbies!”) to the graphic recording/facilitation field will have an opportunity to obtain a fun and creative overview of this great profession. And we will bring the day to a close with Graphic Jam, Bingo and Beer.

Saturday, October 11
Following a hearty breakfast we will convene for an interactive day comprised of sharing our personal best, exploring how to be masters of our trade(s), and the unlocking of future applications of the visual practitioner field. We will explore how to grow your field … be you a “newbie,” or a “pro.” Listen and learn as our colleagues present some interesting and pertinent case studies. As dusk descends upon us, hone your detective skills for a graphic hunt in the woods with your best flashlight! Did we mention there would be prizes?

Sunday, October 12
The start of a new day will bring with it the gathering of our community for a vision-building activity. We will explore our expansive, historical past, and take a look at where our future leads us. This is also the day when we will gather for our annual meeting and

Things to be thinking about ………. and where we need YOUR help!

We'll have wall and table space available and we encourage you to bring samples of your work, etc. for others to view (probably around 4 feet of wall space per person; table space for those who need it). The marketplace will be up throughout the conference so we can all view the materials at our leisure. Susan Kelly is coordinating the marketplace; if you have any questions, you can contact her at: susankellylistens@mac.com

We're going to have a bookstore displaying and offering for sale books written by conference participants or of particular interest to the field. Here are a couple of guidelines regarding having your book(s) at the bookstore:

a) Authors are to be responsible for getting the books to the conference, and transporting any unsold items them back home. If you would like to have your books shipped to the center beforehand, please ship them to the attention of Susan Kelly (email Susan for address). It is your responsibility to transport any remaining stock back to your home.

b) We, as an Association, do not want to sell books but we will take orders and money to facilitate sales for the authors. However, the author is responsible for the tax and will have to sign a statement to this effect that we will hold in the Association office.

c) If you would like to include one book a display book at the conference, we will put it out with the sign up sheet if the author wishes. The author can then work out the finances with the buyers.

For more information regarding participating in the bookstore, please contact Susan Kelly at: susankellylistens@mac.com

IFVP Website
Your IFVP Webteam members Brandy Agerbeck, Rob Benn, and Sean Griffin are excited to announce the unveiling of the new and improved IFVP Web site as part of the upcoming conference. In addition to the unveiling we will be introducing the new Member Promotional Page. When you sign up as a Member of the IFVP individuals/organizations will receive a half meg templated promotional page to share their work and service offerings. These pages will include the following:

  • Main page image (head shot or graphic)
  • Two visual examples
  • Two written or graphic documents
  • Up to a 750 character introduction
  • Vital contact information
  • Link to Website
  • Bullets of services Offered
  • Bullets of areas of focus

Please visit the prototype page http://www.visualpractitioner.org/redesign2.htm so you can be thinking about the content you want included in your new Membership promotional page. More to come!

Calling all Web volunteers!
We are looking for three (3) volunteers to support photographing the walls created during the conference and making sure that the program and names of the individuals are organized with the photos. Contact Sean Griffin at skg@seangriffin.com to sign up. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2003 Conference.

Donations for scholarships
Would you like to donate to a 2003 Conference Scholarship Fund? Every year we get requests from people who need financial assistance; thanks to the generous help of our community, our scholarship fund has helped enable participants who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend the conference to do so!

The conference is being held at the Marconi Conference Center, located at 18500 Highway 1, Marshall, CA 94940.

Getting there
For those coming from out of state, the closest airports to Marconi are Oakland International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

For driving directions to the Center, visit: http://www.marconiconference.com/maps.htm

Off-site Accommodations
Conference attendees are encouraged to make their own accommodations if staying in the area prior to or during the conference. A good reference point for accommodations in the area can be found at: http://www.visitmarin.org/frame.html

Conference Cost and IFVP Membership
In recognizing that times are still tough, we have worked hard on coming up with what we hope is an affordable cost for this year’s conference. And not only that, but you are being guaranteed a great venue and even better company! You will note that IFVP Member as well as Non-Member rates are listed; if you become a paid member of the IFVP Association, you receive a discount on the price of the conference. If you would like to join the IFVP Association please complete the attached IFVP Association Membership form and submit it along with your IFVP Conference Registration form and payments. Mailing details are listed in both the membership as well as the conference registration forms, please email Sarah Kensler sarah@kenslersolutions.com

Full Conference, Stay at the Marconi Center

  • $400.00 per person based on double occupancy (Non-member)
  • $350.00 per person based on double occupancy (IFVP Member)
  • $550.00 per person based on single occupancy (Non-member)
  • $500.00 per person based on single occupancy (IFVP Member)

This includes all conference activities, meals as of Friday lunch through Sunday lunch, and staying overnight Friday and Saturday at the conference center. The rooms at the Conference Center are very comfortable, bright, and spacious. For additional information on the accommodation, go to: http://www.visitmarin.org/frame.html

One Day at the Conference

  • $200 per person (Non-Member)
  • $175 per person (IFVP Member)

This price includes conference activities and meals for the day.

Full Conference, Staying Off-site**

  • $280 per person (Non-member)
  • $245 per person (IFVP Member)

** Note: there are no hotels within close proximity to the Marconi Conference Center; consequently, we highly recommend that conference attendees stay on-site at the center.

This option includes all conference activities and meals (Friday lunch through Sunday lunch). For more information on local accommodations, visit: http://www.visitmarin.org/frame.html

In the spirit of saving costs and keeping the price at a reasonable level, we are providing a limited selection of beverages and snacks. So – come prepared! If you can’t live without your diet cokes, come with a supply.

Stay tuned for final details. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Best Regards,

VPC 2003 Design Team

Lynn Carruthers, Kathy Evans, Greg Gollaher, Sean Griffin, Susan Kelly, Sarah Kensler, Martha McGinnis, Gabriela Melano, Leslie Salmon-Zhu


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