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"Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving Organizations" Authors Lynn Kearny, Roger Addison and Carol Haig. (2009) Pfeiffer Publishers, San Francisco ISBN-10: 0470195681

"Organizational Intelligence: A Guide to Understanding the Business of Your Organization"
Authors Lynn Kearny and Ken Silber 92009) Pfeiffer Publishers, San Francisco ISBN-10: 0470472316

"Graphics For Presenters: getting your ideas across"
Crisp Publications Inc. 1996
ISBN 1-56052-315-8

" The Facilitator's Toolkit" HRD Press, Inc 1995 ISBN 0-87425-268-7

"Creating Workplaces Where People Can Think" Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer Publishers 1994 ISBN 1555426174

"Graphics_for_Facilitators" on-line publication (pdf format)
Contact Information
Lynn Kearny, C.P.T.
Lynn Kearny & Associates
Oakland, CA USA
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Services offered
  • Human Performance Consulting
  • Performance-based Training: Custom design & development
  • Meeting Planning and Facilitation
  • Graphic Recording and Facilitation
  • Presentation Visuals
Areas of Focus
  • Human performance improvement
  • Learning and tools that produce results
  • Meetings that produce action
  • Visual communication: helping people understand and remember

Graphic Tools for Thinking and Learning

Graphic Facilitation & Recording

What is it?
Graphic recording is a tool to help groups work together. The graphic recorder puts a big piece of paper (8 feet long by 4 feet high) on the wall and works like a muralist, recording what the group is saying in a combination of words, pictures and symbols. For example if the group is talking about market forces, the facilitator may draw them as big flowing arrows sweeping across the display. This creates a big, lively and colorful display of the of the group's entire discussion: goals, issues, questions, ideas and decisions.

What does it do?
This kind of record helps the group "see what they mean." It promotes focus, understanding, creativity and out of the box thinking. Because it is visual, it provides clarity. Because it is created on the spot, it is engaging. Because it reflects the group's own words and ideas, it creates ownership. Because it is so large, it promotes big-picture thinking. Groups become engaged and develop forward momentum much more quickly working with a graphic display than they do simply sitting around a conference table, or even working with traditional flip charts.

How can I get some, or learn more?
There are both graphic recorders (who work with a facilitator, creating the visual record) and graphic facilitators (who create the visual record while also facilitating the group).

Contact Lynn Kearny for information about this work and how it can help you meet your organization's challenges.

Lynn is a founding Board Member with IFVP.



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